This is the first post in a series about my recent Border Route Trail hiking trip. Here are the links to the others:

I recently returned to civilization after 5 days on the trail. I traveled the Border Route Trail (BRT) with two good buddies of mine. The trail is 65 miles long, though we somehow logged 73, and follows along a portion of the Minnesota and Canadian border.

Two friends and I are about to embark on a five day through-hike on the Border Route Trail⇗ (BRT) in Northern Minnesota. The trail meanders along the Canadian border, without crossing into it. The trail’s total length is 65 miles.

Original Intent

I wasn’t originally planning on attending this trip when Josh mentioned it. I started a new job this year and didn’t feel I could take a week away from it. I also had already decided three day trips were long enough to satisfy my appetite.

As time went on, we completed the Snowbank Lake trail and a week went by. Josh tactically brought the BRT hike up to me again. I saw through his strategy but it worked, nonetheless. This sounded like the trip of a lifetime. This wasn’t some trip I could let pass me by and not even try to make happen. If I were to ever plan a trip like this, these are a couple of the only guys I’d want to have along. So, I got to making the requests at work and started the packing preparations.

Looking Ahead

As I look forward to the trip ahead, I have a few thoughts and reservations.

Previous trips have only been as long as 3 days on the trail and two camping nights. As I mentioned above, these were satisfying enough for me.

On these trips, by day two I’m already thinking that I’m glad to be going home the next day. This doesn’t stem from doubt in myself regarding some inability to survive longer, but perhaps rather a homesick of sorts.

When day two pops up on this trip, I can’t be thinking, “Well I’ll be glad to be home in my own bed tomorrow!,” as I’ll have three more days. I suppose it seems a bit silly.

My lower back has been quite sore lately. I haven’t been rough on it, been taking it easy so the current pain is a concern when looking at hiking for five days with weight. I'm secretly hoping, but doubting, that I'll be able to say my back feels better upon returning.

Eyes Open

Keep your eyes peeled, I’ll be posting my experience and photos of this trip when I return! Here’s to the trip of a lifetime.