What do you get when you combine my interests of productivity, efficiency, security, privacy, tech, a good challenge, and collaboration? A project that I’ve been working on for a few weeks now. A project management system.

I’m calling it PM232 and it is a collaborative, self-hosted project management system. Simple & easy to use. No feature bloat. What needs to be worked on, who's assigned to what, and when's it due?

Excitingly, my wife Ellie, has chosen to get on board to help with the product direction and bug testing, acting as the Product Manager. This is huge as her experience in non-tech industries is another face to the cube that I haven’t had much exposure to.

The system is still in its semi-early stages of development, though it has some basic features already.

I’ll be revealing more information over the coming weeks as things progress over at the project’s official website.

Thanks so much for your support.