I [recently posted](http://flyinthecoop.com/how-i-fixed-my-task-lists/) about Patrick Rhone's Dash/Plus System for task tracking. Today I'm sharing how I've implemented this system into my existing workflow.

Each morning, upon arriving to work I grab my notepad and draw a line lengthwise down the center.

At the top of the left column goes today's date, followed by my arrival time, lunch duration and departure (for time tracking).

The left column is designated for my main tasks that I want to accomplish that day and the right is for notes or subtasks.

This organization helps me identify what my main goals are for the day and keeps me on task. If I forget what I'm working on due to a distraction, I can refer to the left column to refamiliarize myself. The right column is also useful for ideas or things that come up throughout the day, related or unrelated to the main tasks from the left.

This method is useful in its simplicity and having the list right there in front of me at a quick glance keeps me right on track.

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